Message from I International Conference on Economic Development and Standard of Living “EDASOL 2011”

„The development of countries in the Western Balkan region and the effect of foreign investments in the process of joining the European Union“


Participants of the “EDASOL 2011” conference, upon active work on the 23rd of September 2011, we have concluded the following ratings and messages:
1. In accordance with the thematic sections of the conference, the Program Committee hasincluded in the publication of the Collection of works from the conference a total of 63 papers, which have been prepared by 107 authors from 10 countries, primarily countries from the Western Balkans, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Israel and Belgium;
2. The authors worked on various themes within the thematic framework, however, the issues that were most researched were those discussing competitiveness, foreign investments, macroeconomic stability, knowledge as a developmental resource, and all with a great focus of joining the European Union;
3. Problems in the economy and typical transitional processes in the Western Balkan countries will be present in 2011th, as well as in 2012th year, such as:

  • Macroeconomic stabilization – Which requires budgetary and fiscal discipline and implies the reduction and control of inflation; GDP growth and employment growth are both stipulations;
  • Market liberalization – A process that creates conditions that the majority of prices be established on the free market and simultaneously reduces trade barriers;
  • Restructuring and the continuation of Privatization –This includes a fresh capital inflow through foreign investments and EU pre-accession assistance;
  • Legal and institutional reforms – to redefine the role of the state and to establish the rights of government.

4. The concept“EDASOL ”arises from the assumption that economic development and the standard of living of individuals are connected, and therefore both must be the subject of study and research;
5. In the next conference“EDASOL 2012”the theme recommended is titled as: „Standard of living and employment“.
6. According to the recommendation of the reviewers and Program Committee, a number of papers will be selected for publication in another issue of this year’s edition of the Journal of Economics and Marketing Communications „EMC Review“. Editors of the Journal invite authors to participate.

President of the Program Committee
Prof.dr ZorkaGrandov
President of the Organization Committee
Doc.drS anel Jakupović